[V4]News about staff members!
So, I made this topic where we will share news about promotions,kick-out,demote and fired staff members

Awais has been hired as Helper on 11/05/2017
[v4]Anurag has been promoted to Junior Administrator (2) on 12/05/2017
Metrik has been hired as Helper on 12/05/2017
eDi has been hired as Helper on 14/05/2017
Stranger has been hired as Helper on 14/05/2017
eDi has been fired from Helper on 18/05/2017
iCybeRGhosT has been hired as Helper on 18/05/2017

Stranger has been promoted to Administrator (1) on 21/05/2017 @19:32:14
iCybeRGhosT has been fired on 20/05/2017

Stranger has been promoted to  Junior Administrator (2) on 21/05/2017.

Eazy has been kicked-out from Staff Manager on 25/05/2017
BanaNa. has been promoted to Trainee Administrator(1) on 26/05/2017

KTG has been hired as Helper on 28/05/2017
BanaNa. has resigned from Trainee Administrator(1) on 2/06/2017

Razer has been kicked-out from Helper position due to abusing on 7/06/2017
Brotherhood has been Hired as Helper on 03/05/2017
ButterFly has been Hired as Helper on 10/06/2017

ButterFly has successfully passed as Helper and has been promoted to Junior Administrator (2) on 23/06/2017
Anurag has resigned from Junior Administrator (2) position on 8/07/2017

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