Fourth's unbanned appeal. (Mistakenly banned)
Your In-game name: xdNdxFourth
Reason for ban: Aimbot
Date of ban: 7/9/2017
Name of the admin who banned you: [v4]Crowly
If you think the ban was unfair, tell us why: Yes it is totally unfair, I'm not using any kinds of hacks that I will use as my advantage.
Any further claims/proofs?: This is my proof, it's totally cleared!  

My second proof

My third proof


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Take pictures of your game GTA Folder as in these pictires below!

I dont have cleo mods I dont use it.

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You forgot to show me all pictures even if you don't have a CLEO

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Download a Teamview and PM me with detailes!
what is aimbot see this video/

see again his video .. Big Grin
[Image: rb.jpg]
Are you really experienced admins? You dont know what aimbot is? And butterfly stop posting about what aimbot is, I'm not newbie in samp. I can call someone here to explained what aimbot is, he is our developer before and expert aimbot banner. You server needs a admin like him, not a stupid ones. The proofs are cleared you're just wasting my time.

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unbaned .
He's not unbanned yet, no one's supposed to interfere cases dealt by higher level staffs

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