Staff Application : [kwS]Vuzio
(General Questions)
Your In-game Name: [kwS]Vuzio
Country & Timezone(GMT): GMT-7 (California)
Your Age: 15
Tell us about yourself (Min 120 Words): My real name is Erdit , I am a 15 year old boy and I like SA-MP and ball games especially football.My real origin is from Kosovo,but due of some reasons I was forced to move to California.I am a good guy,15 year old and I am playing SA-MP since 2011,so literally started playing when I was only 9.I've started SA-MP as a newbie and I think to end it with some good experiences,as being an Administrator in here.I've Administrated in other servers too,CoD to not forget to mention it,and I am pretty sure I got an enough experience to be a Staff part.I've had my community in 2013-2014 but due to lack of my time I've been forced to close it.Then started playing other servers,different types and derby constantly.I play everyday SA-MP,but last days I've been inactive because I've damaged my legg muscle and couldn't move my legg but I am going to be well,as doctors said and they told me go home.After I am back here I would like to be apart of Staff Team because I saw the server immediatly needs some Staff support,because there's always hackers and making our players leave the server because for sure they got advantages on them.I will make sure I will clean the server from the hackers and prevent it in the right way.I belive I fit in the Administrator position,as I am behave,good guy and always respect others who normally respect me.I can do anything it's needed.If you belive I do not fit in the position then do not make me an Administrator all it's okay,just I would really like to know where's my problems because I really want to fix them.I do not know if you belive I am matured enough or not,but I belive I can do well with Administrator position.

(Skills and Activities)
Rate your activity on Server ( Will be checked ) (1-10): 8/10
Rate your activity on Forum ( Will be checked ) (1-10): 7/10
Rate your english skills (1-10): I would say 8/10
(Server Questions)
How long have you been playing in V4 Gaming?: It's been somedays I think about 2 weeks.
How many hours can you spend everyday in the server and forum?: I really spent about 4-5 hours in server before,maybe I will lower it to 2-3 hours because of my legg and about the forum 1-2 hours max since I can browse it from phone.
Have you ever been banned from the server? (If so, explain why?): Never.
Your /stats picture: [Image: kmnuMwg.png]
(Staff Questions)
What can you bring to the server if you're accepted as one of our staff member? (Min 100 Words): Well as I said there's many hackers and I think with my activity I will kinda prevent a bit server from the hackers.For me Administrator is really such a responsibility that I really want to make sure to fill it with greatness and with my decent work.I really want this server to go better and better because there's people to have fun with it and why not to make it famous as much as maybe we'll need to extend the Maximum of Players.It would be really great if I get accepted.As I said I've administrated in different servers I know most of hacks are currently mostly used and why not to share with the others,they should know about it better.So main things I will bring to the server as an Staff Member is my Experience as a Player of SA-MP,my Experince as Administrator,my Experience about hacks and such things can be about the server.(Also I got mapping skills,if it is needed anytime I can do it)
Why do you want to be a part of V4 Gaming staff members? (Min 100 Words): Because I think there's less Administrators can take care of hackers,so literally hackers got freedom in here to test their hacks and it's getting worst for us.There's low Administrators when I play and there's always 5-6 players,2 or higher are hacking so the others will automatically left so that's how the server players will regret they joined the server and we'll get lower amount of players.So if you make me Administrator maybe I would prevent it a bit,but why not others  are like me or maybe better.Since we are here I would like to say that I am not offending anyone of our Administrators about their job because they are doing it well as much as they can but I think backup is needed.So I really would appriciate if I would be an Administrator for server's own good and others.
Why do you think that we should hire you instead of the others applicants? (Min 100 Words): Because I think I got more experience as an Administrator and I think I will be more helpful than the others.Sincerly I got 6 years of samp and let's say I administrated about 5 servers  execluding other servers aren't CoD type.I think that I am more active than the others which means I will be completely useful so I will prevent the server.Most of exeprienced members are inactive in here I do not know why but they are obviously inactive.I think I should be accepted because mostly of my experiences as a SA-MP player and my experience as Administrators and my knowledge about hacks currently are mostly frequented,so there's not gonna be more banns with a reason only 'hack' but I belive there's gona be a strong reason why he got banned with the name of hack he was using.I will usually record the hackers,so I will have the proof they hacked,because someone might complain thing is useful and it could be used in our own.
Do you have experiences as a staff?: Yes I do
Do you aware of the dark side of being an staff? ( Tell us something about Dark Side ): I do not know what's considered as dark side in the Administrating except it might the scores gain and that I should be more active but I will completely make this requests.So there's no dark side for me

Kind Regards,
1 Shoot , 1 Kill - No Luck , Just Skill - Kill Fast , Die Last

[Image: fosKnF0.png]

Playing SA-MP since 2011
Playing v4 since 2017
Skilled in Sniper.
New Player

fix ur english ...
Votes requried here
- Active
+ Mature 
+ Helper

Your not online in server, so my vote is against you.

- Against
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Still intersting ?
Application denied!

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